Sunday, March 14, 2021

life rings... and all. on to the new year

 I have come to terms with my LIFE RING just recently, following the death of my mother. I reviewed and realized there are changes that I have to make and some rethinking of how things are done...

1st - MY HEALTH ... Mom died of ovarian cancer and we only knew it recently following what we thought was just anemia. I know I have to be very careful and have to keep myself healthy now in order for me to achieve whatever plans and goals I still have left.

2nd - MY FAMILY ... I have a very small family and as I keep myself healthy I have to keep them that way too. This will happen by providing them with enough vitamins and needed vaccines and remind them to do their exercises at least 3x a week. I also have to follow up on their mental health by providing time for some chitchat over snack or meal, or during family day trips.

3rd - MY EXTENDED FAMILY... When we were battling my mom's condition for 560 days in the hospital I had the chance to talk with my siblings. It was then that I realized they're having hard time making ends meet. I am not rich but I think I can provide for some of their needs especially now that my mother is not around anymore and that they are trying to build their family, having newborns. It is my goal to provide them too with vitamins and supplements and ask them every now and then what I can do to help. The creation of a group chat exclusively for siblings make it easier for us to connect and support each other.

4th - MY CAREER... As I thought of early retiring, I would like to explore more on other opportunities (academe, research, consultancy) to earn so I could finance whatever travel/trips I have in my mind for my family and extended family. I also would need such if I am to support my brother in finishing college even if he has a family now.

5th - THE COMMUNITY ... I am a member of a group (KaEskwela) that supports public school kids. I intend to continue doing so. My advocacy in supporting local businesses and Filipino farmers is also ongoing. With this is my support too for calling for GOOD GOVERNANCE, hence wise voting for next years national elections.

6th - CONTINUOUS EDUCATION ... I should not stop learning, hence this MOOC. I have yet to read a lot of books and hopefully self-publish a book of poems and flash fiction.

7th - HOBBIES AND SELF-CARE... I always seem to forget about myself, so even if it is the last on this ring, I intend to also give focus on it. I plan to get a body massage once in a while or buy myself some cream for my hair and body for pampering. Maybe I can go on solo trips too :) 

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