Thursday, July 31, 2008

every morning- a miracle!

my sunflower days are here again...why is it that just when i'm beginning to forget, there are events that force me to remember these days? life is short, whatever you can do, do it now, you may perhaps never have the chance to do so again...your memory is cruel, it causes aches and pains knowing soon you'd forget or soon you will be forgotten. i say, mind should be used against itself...mind vs body, mind vs matter, mind vs events, mind vs is short indeed but with mind working to your advantage, you will leave this world with no regrets---proceed to other worlds of your liking and happily return via short trips.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

lost for words

why is it that i am loosing my hold of the words that i used to love...why is it that even with reading and hearing i still can't get hold of them and i'm slowly becoming someone who's always lost for words--- tsk tsk tsk...this is not good. this is not good.