Friday, September 30, 2011

the promise...

show me no tears my dearest
i shall be back soon
this goodbye is not forever
we're under the same moon

sing no sad songs my dearest
my ears are tired of them
make no promises if ever
'tis a rose without a stem

i may be very far my dearest
but i shall be back soon
this goodbye is not forever
we're under the same moon.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

space for hope

not tens but hundreds
not hundreds but thousands
not toys but real people
---...flesh and blood
i wasn't gifted with sound eyes
but something inside me
saw those...clearly

not hundreds but thousands
not thousands but millions
not records but real voices
---...rose in anguish
i wasn't gifted with sound ears
but something inside me
heard those...clearly

i saw the flesh---the blood
i heard the cry---the pain
though numbness filled my system
---...i saw and heard
saw and heard those clearly
but something inside me silent

though i saw the flesh and the blood
though i heard the cry of pain
though it's unmistakably clear
---...i couldn't do a thing
it's these eyes...and these ears
and it's the something inside me
who couldn't...who wouldn't

how can i---in the midst
of the crowd's altercation
in a world once a haven desolated and forlorn
how can i in the midst
of the deafening silence
of unexplainable darkness

i have a heart---a heart once cold
i have a soul---a soul once lost
i know, i know, i feel i have
---...with all these
i saw and heard and felt
but something inside me
just couldn't...wouldn't

i tried so many times
many many many times
but i just couldn't
---...couldn't help though i tried
not ten times but hundreds
not hundreds but thousands
not thousands but millions.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

SOLE with a SOUL!

I can't help but be elated 
of this Good news!

KaEskwela is now
in partnership 
with a flip flops store
(The Sole Project) 
to provide some of our 
beneficiaries with slippers 
by December---
just in time for Christmas eh? 

For every pair of The Sole Project 
Flip Flops you purchase, 
a new pair of flips flops goes to 
KaEskwela. Yeeeha!

The Sole Project is located at 
Stall 64-C Cubao Expo, 
Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City. 
Store hours are at 
4-9pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays;
4-10pm on Fridays and Saturdays; and 1-5 pm on Sundays.

If you are considering buying a new pair of flip flops, 
for yourself or for someone else--- please consider buying them at The Sole Project. 
Let's start the merry christmas season this early and help
Kaeskwela bring smile to youngsters soonest :) 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

buried alive

i saw them
they didn't notice me
my pleading eyes
or they didn't want to
...even to touch me

i heard them
they didn't hear me
my silent cry
or they didn't want to
...even to touch me

no eyes, no sound eyes
no ears, no sound ears
but i saw them
but i heard them

my friends - the others
they're once used and abused
wrecked, wrecked, wrecked
i saw and heard and felt

they're gone, gone now
like a sinking ship
abandoned by the crew
gone, gone, gone

but i - am here
silent and pleading
waiting for someone
to look at, to see me
...even to touch me

touch and open and read my mind
touch and open and know my soul
touch and open and see the world
you'll get to understand them

only if you notice - my pleading eyes
only if you hear - my silent cry
only if you open - my dusted door
only if you want me
...even to touch me.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

kokak: my #2, #4 and #5 GESM page favorites [a repost from july 18, 2010]

it's not everyday that i get to think and re-think about my favorite blog entries in my one of my favorite blogsites. as i confessed months ago, i'm an avid reader of the candid-candy-slot-machine-type of page orman manansala has. not only because he's from gensan too but also because it fills my wishing-to-be-that-brutally-frank-not-minding-it's-published urges. last week, i came up with my top5 favorites, in time for his contest about such...but i was kinda having second-thoughts of joining, hence, it's 'piled' as draft. i figured i could just rewrite it (with no contest in mind) anytime soon.

rewriting (for the nth time) i'm now ready to tell him and the world [all of my lucky-19 registered blog-readers, my thousands (evilsmirk) of page viewers, hundreds of fans and who-knows-how-many friends (whew!)] my favorites (my 3 of the many).

i so love the simplicity of this entry, reminds me a lot of how i feel everytime i think of that old street in my mother's hometown (somewhere in leyte). it's the knowing that once in your life, you have been a child of that street and the memories of the street in your mind keeps on haunting you everytime you see changes through the years. it seems like you can still feel the dust in your feet, can still feel that old familiar breeze and hear the once-loud chimes of a dear old church...

#4 MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE @ . this is an entry with a negative material (figuratively). even as i am in manila, i felt the pain that my friends and people of the whole of soccsksargen  and the world felt hearing/reading this tragic news. my plurk timeline was filled then with expressions of sympathies and anger and pain... i kept myself abreast with everything about the incident and prayed prayed prayed. this page, is not one of my favorites because it was an instrument of shock but because it reminded me how life is fleeting and how it can be cruel at one time.

#5 LESSON IN HUMILITY @ as with my #1 and #3 (please don't ask me about this- *giving an evil-grin*), this page showed the human side of orman, and i love it so much when i read a page that's unafraid and ever-willing to let go of human emotions (what are blogs for?), one to share the deepest pains (joys too) and one with lessons to teach. one to remind me that i may not live long enough to make all the mistakes in the world (if lessons are to be learned from my mistakes alone).

so there. that's that. and that's why.

P.S.---thank you orman. keep writing. keep sharing. keep living (you know- say it the way pacman does). [ooops, pictures we're stolen from the webpage --- hope you don't mind. (cozy) thanks!]

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mother, it is not your fault is not your fault
the deepest deepest love
the deepest deepest wound
beyond knowledge, beyond action
beyond measure, beyond pain
you tightened the bind 'coz she needs it
you loosened the bind 'coz she wants it
and she longed and called for
the deepest deepest love
the deepest deepest wound
have you felt the pain
as if it is your own
make her remember that the
stars are brighter when the
nights are darker...

why so much hurt and so much pain
why so many roads and almost nothing
remains of you and your beautiful soul
beyond reason, beyond words
you tightened the bind 'coz she wants it
you loosened the bind 'coz she needs it
this time she longed and called for
the shallowest of curses
the shallowest of all
you have felt the pain
as if it is your own
made her remember that the
end of road is nearer when the
path seems rougher...

the deepest deepest love
the deepest deepest wound
something remains of your beautiful soul
beyond reason, beyond words
you tightened the bind 'coz you need it
you loosened the bind 'coz you want it
this time you cried and pleaded for
the deepest deepest love and
the deepest deepest cure
she has felt the pain
the way you did your own
make her remember that the
battle is fought and yes mother
it is not your fault.

Monday, September 5, 2011

FB asks - what's on my mind today

there will be times that trying reading your friends (and not-so-friends) thoughts 
via FB or any other networks will do you more harm than good (most of the time emotionally)...we should always be reminded that perhaps 
they're fighting their own (personal) battles 
and (perhaps) the wall is their only way to let it out. as much as we want to suggest 
for them to direct the words (both good or bad, happy or sad...) to the person concerned,
 it is not always possible...i am just thankful that in my 'newsfeed', 
there are many inspiring posts and if there are negative ones,
 i now resist to pay attention if it doesn't concern me 
(coz if it does, it should be in my personal mailbox). 
praying for those who are hurting, angry, lonely also helps. 
a line or two to cheer them up may also be appreciated...with "teach me how to dowgie" 
(i'm not sure if the spelling is correct), 
 i now resolve that always, 
as always, i have the right to choose and i can always choose to "detach" 
or just choose to empathize in a safe level :) 
choose to think good and be in the end, 
i will feel good...about others, 
and about myself...

Friday, September 2, 2011

SOYAMI - so yummy! @ Active Fun

As my boyman Wowa enjoys the so-yummy Soyami, I can't help but feel good thinking that I am serving him not just a snack he enjoys but also a snack that I know is also healthy... It is made from real soya (protein! calcium! fiber!) and I so love it too!

This afternoon, Active Fun at SM North hosted yet another fun-filled event for kids while mommies were learning from a Nutritious and Delicious Soyami Cooking Show. Nadine Tengco, a US Certified Nutritionist and Pinoy Biggest Loser Fitness Partner taught moms some tips and tricks in preparing healthy 'baon' and also shared  healthy recipes using Soyami products. Fun and informative!

With moms and active kids like I and Wowa, it is a must that we take into consideration health and 'fun-learning' above all. That would be one of the secrets to better living.  May all mommies and their kiddos have more of the likes of Soyami and Active Fun!