Monday, September 5, 2011

FB asks - what's on my mind today

there will be times that trying reading your friends (and not-so-friends) thoughts 
via FB or any other networks will do you more harm than good (most of the time emotionally)...we should always be reminded that perhaps 
they're fighting their own (personal) battles 
and (perhaps) the wall is their only way to let it out. as much as we want to suggest 
for them to direct the words (both good or bad, happy or sad...) to the person concerned,
 it is not always possible...i am just thankful that in my 'newsfeed', 
there are many inspiring posts and if there are negative ones,
 i now resist to pay attention if it doesn't concern me 
(coz if it does, it should be in my personal mailbox). 
praying for those who are hurting, angry, lonely also helps. 
a line or two to cheer them up may also be appreciated...with "teach me how to dowgie" 
(i'm not sure if the spelling is correct), 
 i now resolve that always, 
as always, i have the right to choose and i can always choose to "detach" 
or just choose to empathize in a safe level :) 
choose to think good and be in the end, 
i will feel good...about others, 
and about myself...

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