Wednesday, February 25, 2015

celebrating EDSA by...

...checking on recent...


Death is as natural as life itself...

Failing to plan is planning to fail...

Sensibility is a sign of maturity...

Gossips are killers. Killers are evil...

You cant give what you dont have.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

well well well

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

message to the red lions

All of these are essential to your development... few days to highlight some path to building your social and emotional skills. Being in the 3rd place is sad if your perspective of winning is "limited" .

You may be heartbroken at first, but then eventually you'd look back with pride all you have done, all you have accomplished in the most peaceful manner possible.

For truly, life is not always about being the 1st... each will have its time. They're having theirs now like when you had it before and we can only be happy for them because all the games (literally and figuratively) were well-played... the acceptance, and hope and the lessons learned will shape not only your character but also those who would walk in your footsteps.

You have excelled in your own right, in your own pace and prepare you to not only excel in university tasks, but more importantly, excel in life.

I salute you dear leaders for being man (woman) enough to accept the responsibility of the loss (no blame games), for bowing out gracefully (with dignity in tact) and most of all, for acknowledging the winner (not showing disgust nor sulking away)... being able to control your feelings in moments like this is a mark of true strength and perspective.

Here we bow and vow to move on and fill our days with new pursuits (1st NDEA Business Congress?). Again, WE WON! SALAMAT SA INYO.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

25 GOOD THINGS ABOUT MINDANAO [thoughts as i celebrate 25 years @ Gensan]

as i celebrate my 25th year in gensan, 
i am challenging myself to write
25 good things about mindanao
in 25 minutes
[of course, i know
that i can click 'edit post' anytime :)]

1. mindanao state university 
2. notre dame of dadiangas university
3. roundball statues/monuments
4. yellow poppies/ imelda grass
5. saksak-sinagol dialect

6. fresh fruits
7. fresh fish
8. fresh veggies
9. fresh air
10. seashore/beach

11. good traffic
12. notre dame schools
13. fitmart/ kcc/ gaisano
14. 60php - 110php movie ticket
15. church/ chapel/ prayer rooms everywhere

16. tri-people (christians, muslims, lumads)
17. colorful festivals
18. airports, bus terminals, fishports
19. hospitals/ parks/ museums
20. restos with relatively cheap yet yummy meals

21. kind, tolerant, happy people
22. barangay halls that are open during office hours
23. indi film makers
24. humble artists, scientists and philosophers

25. funnest bloggers