Tuesday, March 22, 2016

adopted renewed vows?

i really didn't think of my husband to be a sweet or sentimental guy. he would even remind me of that when sometimes i remark about not getting flowers and other romantic stuff on special dates (he would gladly prepare my meal and even peel the skin off from fruits for me though).

i looked back and realized how lucky i am to have him in my life. as i wrote before, he isn't perfect but IMHO, he is way better than others in being a husband and father  as well. here's his once in a blue moon semi-sweet attack (dated september 29, 2008) obviously from something he must have seen or read somewhere...i gladly kept this in my inbox 'til now and wonder when will i get another one LOL

i acknowledge my shortcomings and failures. i give up my pretenses and excuses. i renew my marital commitment to love my wife  til the last of my breath- to serve and not to abuse, to cherish and not to forsake, to be faithful and not to betray, to forgive and not to accuse, to protect and not to hurt. 

need i ask for more???