Wednesday, April 28, 2010

RX for pain -MJ songs

like a comet blazin across the evening sky, gone too soon... bestfriend matet sure knows how to break a heart when singing this MJ song. she also knows how to psychologically torture a friend in doing so...she is as calm as an ocean, but as deep too. she hangs on to MJ's song lyrics when she can't seem find the right words. we always say ---oh, (insert an MJ song here), that's your RX for your pain today.

matet (maria theresa) is the 3rd portion of the tres marias of MSU high school in the early 90's, i being the 1st (alfie maria) and kulot being the 2nd (mary anne). we have our own world. yes! apart from the rest of the class, from the rest of the school...sadness has been close as my next of kin, then happy came one day, chase my blues away...we lazy our days away by strumming guitar or just singing. there were even days when we call a local TV station (showing old MTVs) alternately and request MJs songs the entire day. remembering was fun. singing then is great. but now we're apart (physically, that is). kulot is in gensan, busy trying to make ends meet. i am in manila busy trying to sort my priorities in life. matet is busy, chatting with MJ, i suppose (she died of liver cancer, yes, she too was gone. too soon.). we we're good students but most of all, we lived then-doing what we loved, loving what we do.

but with the songs and the memories, somehow it's enough... with a friend to call my own, i'd never be's when we were young and carefree and we lock the classroom door and dance 'dangerous' or 'beat it' as we laugh oh so loudly with our moves or those times when we choose a secluded spot in the campus and try to mimic MJ and paul mccartney in 'this girl is mine'...that damn gone girl is mine' ...matet left, our friend (we know he felt it from afar) MJ left too. but once in a while we gather in spirit, have our RX and go through the day renewed...we stopped existing and we started living...

you know what's making me feel sad now? it's kenny wizz- MJs impersonator from vegas. he will be visiting my hometown come may 2  and perform in memory of his hero (forever michael). if i was only near kulot and matet was only around, we will be the first to get our tickets and storm our way to lagao gym...i can see us laughing, dancing, singing and chatting our way as if we are the only people in the world. but then again, it wouldn't be possible. maybe, just maybe, there will be new 'tres marias' on that night...and like us, they will also get to see (or hear) our RX for pain - MJ songs.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

writer's block (doh)

according to wikipedia- WRITER'S BLOCK is a condition, associated with writing as a profession in which an author losses the ability to produce new work. the condition varies widely in intensity. It can be trivial , a temporary difficulty of dealing with the task in hand. at the other extreme, some "blocked" writers have been unable to work for years on end, and some have even abandoned their careers. . .okay. okay! haaaaaayyy, i' m so having it now. after writing this starting statement, i have to go back to 'lower case' everything, for some reason, i forgot that  i intend not to use upper case in my blogspot unless extremely needed. why? --style lang! so what will i write about? nothing. i can't even start to continue with my literature review, i've been 'blocked' for weeks now. but here's an idea that came up seconds ago--- i'd like to share the latest from the philippine daily inquirer, ranked according to how i liked reading them (not how i liked them)  :)

1. erap on gibo: what a pity, he's most qualified (erap's brains are somewhat regenerating-wow!)
2. gov't debt hit P4.44T in january (i told you so, 4 is a bad number!)
3. marc abaya loves his cheetos (i love him, he loves his cheetos, his cheetos loves me, fine!)
4. china quake kills 400, buries more (there's always something to remind me of 'life is short', amp!)
5. happy to see 2  pals move forward in show (AI didi said so about crystal and siobhan, i say so too!)
6. palito's last movie screening on sunday (now when he is deado, as with FPJ...they're doing it again!)
7. politics stalls biomass plant project (oh my gas!)
8. evat and and watered-down cheaper medicines act are not pro-poor (PMAP can afford a full-page?!)
9. bishops condemn basilan bombings (what's new? what else can they do?...they condemn a lot lately, next!)
10. GMA accepts 'green award' (@#$%^^&* !!!- my keyboard isn't working now!)

:) have a great day!
[postscript (i seem to be having a lot of these lately): the picture? those are tombs in himlayang bayan (resting place a.k.a. public cemetery), your unique linking of the pic and the text is always welcome (winks)]

Monday, April 12, 2010

of atty. adel tamano, and of hurried (somehow-bad) writing

what could be more delightful to a blogger but to have a subject that's open, vulnerable and yummy (read: clean and handsome)? that was my feeling when i got invited/adopted by the gensan bloggers, one saturday evening (thanks to kuya-ng-gensan-avel and ganda-ever-so-much-boss-banker orman) to join them in meeting atty. adel tamano---i was del-ighted! adel, as he is fondly called by many is vying for senator in 2010's circus-of-an-election. i am not a block-voter, i have never been... and guess what, i have him in my to-vote list for 3 reasons:

1. he is qualified to be one of the leaders of the land (being a realist-academician, a lawyer, an economist, a good public speaker and a writer)
2. he is a son to one of the few good senators of our times, and a hands-on-slash-cool-father (to 2 cute kids)
3. he is a true-blue muslim ( i am a true-blue catholic but i have grown to understand, respect and love islam since i transferred to mindanao state university, you will too-trust me on this).

while waiting for him, i am stating and  restating in my mind the questions i intend to ask him. (i have in my list at least 3 questions:)

1. how much (in your heart) do you want to serve the philippines/filipino people?
2. what are your (target) priorities given the chance to serve the country as a senator?
3. are you proud to be a muslim, how do you deal with non-muslim colleagues?

i was able to ask these questions (other bloggers too) and got satisfactory answers (thanks heavens)--- i was afraid i might end up loosing faith (happens all the time lately).

1. he first remarked he didn't want the position too much to do dirty tricks/gimmiks but he later admitted he wanted it just as much as he believes in a dream/vision of a better land (still)
2. his target priorities (to my joy) are the youth and the education sector. he is quite confident he'd be able to put his funds into good use by prioritizing scholarships and retoning skills of the stakeholders in the said sector. he however confessed that he might not do as well if he will be given a cabinet position in such sector 'coz of its wide and deeply-rooted issues, problems and concerns. (it's human to be afraid)
3. he is proud to be a muslim and he understands what muslim youth have been feeling when joined with the christian majority. he learned to blend, respect and have harmonious relationships with non-muslim colleagues nevertheless (somehow,even moros couldn't tell that he is one of them---but he is, with all his mind, heart and soul)

these and other questions were answered in both serious and funny manner (he might consider being a stand-up comedian too). adel surely knows how to charm people (his 'artistahin' looks is both a blessing and a curse) as much as he knows how to make them listen when he is seriously stating a point. after about two hours (yes! 2 hours and we didn't even notice!), the meeting ended in a very light mood (some even went to KTV with him- missed it, i know he sings well, heard he is 'kundirana baby').

oh well, this entry is (long-)overdue, as usual... and yes, is in need of some polishing (i can now imagine my journalism-mentor-now-friend-gilbert tan wondering if i ever learned anything from my writing classes (too few, sad but true)--- but what the heck! i made it. congratulations for making it to this almost-last-line too (hopefully, you are still okay). finally, i learned 3 good lessons from the experience:

1. adel isn't just a pretty face- he is young, he has a vision, he wants to serve and he is getting my vote (yes, i didn't change my, if only i could save enough for my fare come 05/10)
2. one shouldn't underestimate the power of youth-vote, the z-generation even if they don't vote, they influence others (especially those who are so-oh-visible online) hence, they must be well-equipped with information and guided opinions every now and then
3. my words in parenthesis are my favorites (coz unlike others who consider them negligible, mine is done for emphasis--- why? style lang! :) )

[postscript: thanks to arnel joshua lim and orman manansala through ms. jinky for the pictures]