Saturday, January 26, 2013

good old days...mindanao's funnest!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

flashback 2010: locos por el cine

unlike the japanese, french and european film fests- spanish filmfest wasn't shown for free
(but it was given at a price a third of the usual in the posh greenbelt cinema 3)

with my usual filmfest buddy ate irene, we tried catching one movie after attending the sunday mass...
as we waited for the screening we saw the oh-still-so-pretty-former-ms-universe-gloria diaz
with her (i guess) siblings waiting for the screening too :)

tickets! (@ 65 pesoses each, that's about a dollar and a half)

and this is a glimpse of the main character...
the movie - Los Condenados (The Condemned).
It somewhat explores history--- an exiled Argentinean returns home after living in Spain for
 many years to help a friend find the remains of a political activist who
disappeared during the Junta dictatorship...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

best twilight [breaking dawn] quotes

How could you run, how could you fight, 
when doing so would hurt that beloved one? 
If your life was all you had to give your beloved, 
how could you not give it? 
If it was someone you truly loved? 
---Bella  p.1

We’re getting married, Charlie. 
I love her more than anything in the world, more than my own life, 
and – by some miracle – she loves me that way, too. 
Will you give us your blessing?  
---Edward p.15

You make your own kinds of mistakes, 
and I’m sure you’ll have your share of regrets in life. 
But commitment was never your problem, sweetie. 
You have a better chance of making this work than 
most forty-year-olds I know. My little middle-aged child. 
Luckily, you seem to have found another old soul. 
---Renée p.18

Go to your happy place, Bella. 
It won’t take long. 
---Alice p.21

It seemed silly that this fact – the existence of his soul – 
had ever been in question, even if he was a vampire. 
He had the most beautiful soul, more beautiful than 
his brilliant mind or his incomparable face or his glorious body. 
---Bella  p.24

I’m glad I came. I didn’t think I would be. 
But it’s good to see you… one more time. 
Not as sad as I’d thought it would be. 
---Jacob p.59

Insanity is probably easier than sharing a pack mind. 
Crazy people’s voices don’t send babysitters to watch them. 
---Jacob  p.61

My relationship with Jacob used to be so easy. 
Natural as breathing. 
But since Edward had come back into my life, 
it was a constant strain. Because – in Jacob’s eyes – 
by choosing Edward, I was choosing a fate 
that was worse than death, 
or at least equivalent to it. 
---Bella p.64

How did people do this – 
swallow all their fears and trust someone else 
so implicitly with every imperfection and fear they had – 
with less than the absolute commitment that 
Edward had given me? 
If it weren’t Edward out there, 
if I didn’t know in every cell of my body that he loved me 
as much as I loved him – unconditionally and irrevocably 
and, to be honest, irrationally – I’d never be able to get up off this floor. 
---Bella  p.83

Now you know. 
No one’s ever loved anyone 
as much as I love you.
 ---Bella p.753

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 memo: choose. create.

We are focus-points of consciousness, [...] enormously creative.
When we enter the self-constructed hologrammetric arena we call spacetime,
we begin at once to generate creativity particles,
imajons, in violent continuous pyrotechnic deluge.
Imajons have no charge of their own but are strongly polarized through our attitudes
and by the force of our choice and desire into clouds of conceptons,
a family of very-high-energy particles which may be positive, negative or neutral. [...]

Some common positive conceptions are exhilarons, excytons, rhapsodons, jovions.
Common negative conceptions include gloomons, tormentons, tribulons, agonons, miserons.
Indefinite numbers of conceptions are created in nonstop eruption,
a thundering cascade of creativity pouring from every center of personal consciousness.
They mushroom into conception clouds, which can be neutral or strongly charged -
buoyant, weightless or leaden, depending on the nature of their dominant particles.

Every nanosecond an indefinite number of conception clouds build to critical mass,
then transform in quantum bursts to high-energy probability waves radiating at tachyon speeds through an eternal reservoir of supersaturated alternate events.

Depending on their charge and nature,
the probability waves crystallize certain of these potential events
to match the mental polarity of their creating consciousness into holographic appearance. [...]

The materialized events become that mind's experience,
freighted with all the aspects of physical structure necessary to make them real
and learningful to the creating consciousness. This autonomic process is the fountain
from which springs every object and event in the theater of spacetime.

The persuasion of the imajon hypothesis lies in its capacity for personal verification.
The hypothesis predicts that as we focus our conscious intention on the positive
and life-affirming, as we fasten our thought on these values, we polarize masses of positive conceptions, realize beneficial probability-waves,
bring useful alternate events to us that otherwise would not have appeared to exist.

The reverse is true in the production of negative events, as is the mediocre in-between.
Through default or intention, unaware or by design,
we not only choose but create the visible outer conditions
that are most resonant to our inner state of being [...]

― Richard Bach, Running from Safety: An Adventure of the Spirit