Thursday, January 10, 2013

flashback 2010: locos por el cine

unlike the japanese, french and european film fests- spanish filmfest wasn't shown for free
(but it was given at a price a third of the usual in the posh greenbelt cinema 3)

with my usual filmfest buddy ate irene, we tried catching one movie after attending the sunday mass...
as we waited for the screening we saw the oh-still-so-pretty-former-ms-universe-gloria diaz
with her (i guess) siblings waiting for the screening too :)

tickets! (@ 65 pesoses each, that's about a dollar and a half)

and this is a glimpse of the main character...
the movie - Los Condenados (The Condemned).
It somewhat explores history--- an exiled Argentinean returns home after living in Spain for
 many years to help a friend find the remains of a political activist who
disappeared during the Junta dictatorship...

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