Wednesday, July 13, 2011

this year, i'm glad these blog pages exist

yes... this is for this year's
and in the name of keeping it short (obviously my banner for this year)
here are my nominees :
- coz i'm a mother too (read: i so can relate).
- need i write more? it's terrific!
- her thoughts somehow found its way to my heart.
- i have been an avid follower (closet kikay me) since its first article!
- for that teacher and student in all of us :)
- a place for our wonderful souls via our wandering soles.
- 'coz she can cook and rockin' write about it. yeeeha!
- she lived and she lived to tell how she is living fully. i admire her.
- the short and straight presentation is cute :)
- for a change! for pete's sakes! lol

now you got it!
how about you, where's your list?

congratulations btw to ms. toral and the rest of
the people and the forces behind this project :)
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