Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ten Layers of Absolute Freedom by James Altucher

Free from your own past and future. 

Which means: free of all regrets and petty hatreds 

from the past and anxieties and worries about the future.

Free of other people’s opinions of you. 

You never ride above the clouds if everyone is 

holding you down into the rain.

Free of the opinions of the masses.

Free of the word “CAN’T”.

Find someone who likes what you are doing.


Now that people like something you are doing, 

start thinking of something you can charge for. 

A premium version of what you are doing.

Only do your best work 2-5 hours after you wake up.

You don’t need a lot to live like a king.

Freedom is a path you choose every day.

Realize that everyone you meet today 

has been sent down from an alien mother ship 

to teach you a lesson. 
Learn those lessons.