Saturday, April 19, 2008

loving the drama

it was just recently and (always in my ever-present past) that i have re-learned and re-appreciated the power of mind, following the law of attraction (reading the book review of The Secret last year, and seeing the docu-type film last week). you are what you think (say, i think, therefore, i am) and you will be what you want if you want it bad, as you will have what you want to have if you wanted it badly or not wanting it badly.

alas! you exert the same amount of energy in loving and hating, as in wanting and not wanting so whichever way, you attract whatever it is that you spend much of your enery on. come to think of it, the people and the events of my life is a product of wanting and not wanting them to be there (with the exception of one or two, of which/whom until now, i can't decipher their reason for existence or non-existence).

it is quite confirmed by richard bach's words (messiah's handbook) - words that sounded like this :all the people and events of your life are there because you have drawn them there, whatever you do to them/it is always up to you. hence, whatever happens to me and my path to bliss in the present, past and future will always be my calling - my option, my choosing. i can choose to be hurt or otherwise, to feel good or otherwise...whichever, whatever.

and (who cares if i start my sentences with "and"?) when this cute alter ego of mine would ask: why are you hurt? why do you feel bad? why do you feel sad? why are you mad? why do you feel these when you can always make yourself feel otherwise? the answer is: "maybe, i am loving the drama."