Thursday, September 13, 2018

when equal IS NOT fair

you divide the electric bill by equal parts
so each of you (housemates) pays the same amount
regardless of the electric equipment used and the hours of usage.
bang! that's when 'equal' isn't fair!

you divide the day's allowance by equal parts
so each of you (siblings) gets the same amount
regardless of the fare and the physiological needs of each.
bang! that's when 'equal' isn't fair!

you give your students the same high grade (academic score)
so each of them gets to get good marks
regardless of their research output or efforts in class.
bang! that's when 'equal' isn't fair!

bang! bang! bang!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


It's nothing but a circle
and a cycle on and on and on and on
you - being born, you-living, you-loving, you-hurting
you-giving up or you- loving/living some more.
you are there, they can see
they can feel 'coz you are there...and then you're gone
you aren't there, they can't see
they can't feel 'coz you aren't there even if you know you still are there
you are gone, even if you are not
gone gone gone
and the cycle goes on and on and on and on
you, and that circle have become one or... nothing.
Ah, nirvana.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

don't wake me up

Write everything...
Let it all out...
Fifteen years in the making,
the story in my mind...
No good use in pretending.
Happiness, at times
is an elusive dream...
Yet, you keep on dreaming
Yet, you keep believing...
one day soon
Those who have brains
will think
Those who have lips
will speak
Those who have hearts
will feel
Those who have hands
will work... for peace. 
For peace, in and out.
Write everything...
right now, or forever be shushed.
Let it all out or
it will blow off, inside.
Like fireworks.
Like fire that doesnt work.
Fifteen years in the making.
Happiness, at times
is a beautiful, wonderful dream.
But for now... let me 
let me not let go of the pains
let me not let go of life
let me not let go of the dream
Let me dream and
Let me write...everything.
Let me sleep.
Let me be...
Let it be.

and if it is not too much
not too much to ask...
please dont wake me up.

---when September ends

Friday, August 31, 2018

rape is not a laughing matter

People will never understand
the emotional pain of being raped.
Or still feeling dirty 22 years later.
Or blaming yourself because
you would think that you might
have done something to deserve it.
Or hating a particular scent because
your rapist commented that you smell good in it.
Or hating how you look like and even
calling it a curse because you thought
that it was the reason why you were sexually assaulted.
Or letting yourself go hoping that men
wouldn't find you attractive anymore.
Or the urge to leave everything behind
so the pain would just stop.
Only people who experienced the same violence
will ever understand it.
[M.Magallanes, Aug.31,2018]
#RapeIsNotAJoke #RapeIsNotALaughingMatter #StopVAWC
#BabaeAko #Respect #WomensRights #SexualHarassment
#RapeIsACrime #MayRespetoAngMgaBisaya #DiliKatawAnan

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

what's it all about?

what's it all about alfie? is it just for one moment we live? what's it all about when you sort it out alfie? are we meant to take more than we give or are we meant to be kind? if only fools are kind alfie, then i guess it is wise to be cruel. and if might belongs only to the strong alfie, what would you lend an old golden rule?

as sure as i believe there's a heaven above alfie, i know there's something much more - something even non-believers can believe in. i believe in love alfie, without true love we just exist alfie. until you find the love you missed, you're nothing alfie. when you walk let your heart lead the way, and you'll find love everyday, alfie, alfie.

yes my dear friends, those are the exact words in the song entitled ALFIE written by burt bacharach and hal david...immortalized by the film of the same title stars michael caine, and recently redone stars jude law. now you can start guessing why i so love the song...even its melody, so hearthbreakingly-soothing if there is such a thing. the irony of loving...of love.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

one saturday of my life [tb080810]

i was terrified.
i don't know you.
you don't know me.
earth swallow me.
i better go around the world --
and take it from there.

sleeping was a challenge
this time i cried.
but yes, i'm fine.

goodbye march 2011.

Friday, July 27, 2018

what's with swimming [tb072710]

swimming has become wowa's  form of exercise. he started swimming as summer recreation course then he later shifted to advanced (more like competitive to me) course. reading about swimming, i found out that swimming (due to its low impact nature of the workout) is considered by many as a terrific exercise choice for not only healthy people, but also for those who face health challenges. wowa had recurring asthma attacks, since he started swimming regularly, we noticed that the frequency of attacks have went down a significant figure (2 in a month to 1 or even 0).

children like him enjoy the water (oh well, they were surrounded by water in our wombs for 9 months remember?). it provides gentle muscle training and  strengthens the heart and the lungs. and even if it is often an individual sport, kid swimmers can also join competitive swim teams (in gensan, they call the famous swim team -TORPEDO), making swimming a sport your kids can enjoy wether alone or as part of the team. and yes, not to overemphasize, wowa was somewhat overweight but since he found swimming to be a pleasure, he lost some of his baby fats without feeling weary and without compromising his diet.

but of course, parents should always be on guard and be aware of 'safety swimming' - give the kids proper coaching (lessons from a pro) to orient them on the swimming  gadgets (goggles, flippers, swim cap among others) and proper swimming techniques. parents too should be aware of the possible risks of swimming to kids like the possibility of an ear infection, (see related blogpost here-- ) which may be both painful and inconvenient to your swimming kid. this specific infection however may be treated with antibiotics and there are ways of preventing it such as the one given here -- . so there you go. swimming may be one of the best options for kids' health and fitness there is, worked for my wowa.