Friday, September 26, 2014

soul-cleaning II

“When faced with senseless drama, 
spiteful accusations and unfounded opinions, 
stand up for yourself. 
Christ always met his accusers and listened. 
Do all that you can to understand their motives, 
then focus on how you can heal them. 
There are some people that can carry wounds for so long 
and all they need is for you to listen without judgment, 
in order to heal the situation. 
They remain silent not because they don’t care. 
Their pain gives themselves away. 
They simply don’t trust you will hear them and validate how they feel. 
You might not agree with them, but peace isn’t about being right. 
It is about the willingness to hear the pain of another, 
then agreeing not to contribute to it anymore. 
However, realize that there are some people 
that simply want to be a victim. They will deny their actions, 
jabs and insults and magnify your actions to the extremes. 
They will blame you. 
Love these people also 
because something happened to them in their life. 
They will profess they are simple, easy going people 
that avoids drama. However, that is not true. 
They rise with conflict. 
They are passive aggressive types 
that pull people into their petty disputes for support 
because it feeds the attention they lack. 
They are supercharged by drama, 
or they wouldn’t seek it out and participate in it. 
Love them also because somewhere in their life 
they were made to feel unimportant. 
This destructive pattern for healing their wounds 
is short lived and will often repeat itself, 
until real therapy can occur.” 

― Shannon L. Alder