Thursday, October 21, 2010

love can seriously damage your health

yes, this is a movie. and i have seeen this movie for free. at instituto cervantes just 15-minute ride away from my cell. with my usual movie-fest buddy ate irene, we shared laughs...true, oh so true. there are times when love... can... seriously... damage... your... health.

here's the synopsis [thank you wikipedia]...Paris. King Juan Carlos I offers a diner at Hôtel Crillon. Diana (Ana Belén) meets Santi (Juanjo Puigcorbé) , an old lover, who now is the King's bodyguard.

They remember how they met each other, 30 years ago, in another hotel, inMadrid. Diana (Penélope Cruz) and Santi (Gabino Diego) met when The Beatles were going to play. He works in the hotel. She hides under John Lennon's bed because she's in love with the singer. But, what starts is an attraction between them. It is an impossible love because she wants to be rich and famous, and he is poor and has to join the Army. When they meet again as grown-ups, Diana has become a socialite, and Santi is a pilot. Both are married, but the love goes on... 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

housewarming during storm

 in this uber - stressful life, nothing beats seeing good old friends (as those your high school schoolmates) for a good chit-chat over good food (as in fried chicken, spaghetti and pomelo juice), despite the storm...

coz the storm megi (local name juan) really came...but fritzie's housewarming is still a go...braving the rain and flood, we came since there's no better time to warm a new house but during a storm when it is uber-cold...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

boogeyman out

heres something you dont know about her. and it pains me 'coz i have this feeling that you got to know this but you just dont want to for many reasons i can think of. this will be just first of the many. i have promised myself id write everything i remember here so one day youd be able to read and one day youd know and hopefully that one day wont be the day the shes gone...

YOU WERE NOT  EXPECTED BUT YOU WERE LOVED BY HER...EVEN NOW. i know so. you were conceived during those times that her relationship with him is on the rocks. you may look up to him as someone good, well-respected and unfairly-judged by some. the truth? he didnt work and provided for the family coz he believed having his familys name, track record and relative riches is enough so he just let her work her ass out coz her pride couldnt take begging from his family all the time. but yes, he was there.

he was there as a symbol. he decides. he was the man of the house. i was even proud having him- so tall, so big, so loud. he forced her to borrow a very huge sum of money from the bank where she works and invest it on something that didnt work so he decided to move us out of the place and bring us to unfamiliar grounds and try to live there. you were in her belly then. when her belly grew big, i began to wonder why i didnt see her throw-up then on second thought i said to myself, what will she throw up when we barely have anything to eat? but she fought for you. she ate what little food i and marion have left to nourish you inside. she touches you in her belly every night. i know coz i see her (most of the time she thought i was asleep) looking at the stars and tears flowing in her cheeks. i always look at her and check on her and marion if they are still breathing. i kept on praying for them to be awake the next day. it was my biggest fear then, i was 5 and i am haunted by the thought that id be left alone...

and you were born, i was crying. i was worried. marion was trying to calm herself by playing. i was at the stairs wondering if shes ever gonna live after giving birth to you. she was weak and pale. i was wondering if you would look okay, if you have fought for your life inside her in those months of hunger and pain. then someone told me he heard you cry. i thanked god you were alive. but that someone also told me she isnt moving. my heart beat so fast, what will i do? i was just 5. how can i ever take care of you and marion if she dies. i decided to make some plans. a. go to the nuns and ask for help, have them adopt us. b. beg the landlady (an old maid) to adopt us while i clean her house and help her in sewing or laundry in return. c. find ways to contact grandpa and ask them to think of whats best for us. funny, that time, i didnt think of him (our father). perhaps i knew then that he never really was there even as he was. back then i surrendered to the thought that id grow without a father and that it is okay.

we sold all we had just to buy milk for you and food for us. she did laundry for others again as she was waiting for her wounds to heal. she believes god has plans and that we would all be okay if she finds a good job. she was promised by a certain company that she would be hired as soon as shes fit for work...days after he arrived, he took you away. she was crying, she didnt want to. she was able to start working but on weekends we would look for you. we would ride a bus, the three of us and look for you. after several attempts we saw you and we took you back. you were a beautiful baby. i love seeing you in her arms. marion and i would play with you. you had a strange were our baby...

after a few months , i was at school, he came again. he took you away from us (again). that time, there was no crying from her, there were angry voices. and then we did the usual round (of looking for you). you were walking by then, and when we found you, you were thin and your legs were full of insect bites. i was crying. i told her we wont go unless we have you with us. the lady wouldnt give you unless we give her something. she gave everything she had in her bag to the lady...and so we had you again.

when i was in grade 2, our aunt came for a vacation, she said shed borrow you. i said yes and i made her promise to bring you back soonest but i didnt expect that she wouldnt tell her about it and just take you away. i was reprimanded by her. i was crying and i was so guilty. for many months i hated myself for allowing them to take you away from us again...days and months have passed you didnt return. we stopped our usual route in looking for you. i asked her why cant we take you back. she said a bus ride would not be enough anymore...then i realized you were taken so far far away.

living without you isnt easy. your dress are still in my box then and all those fancy jewelries i make you wear when we play-pretend you are a princess. i was so used to giving you bath, feeding you, combing your hair and playing with you all the time. we missed you so. sometimes we miss you so much we just cry. all three of us. day in day out, month in month out year in year out i still see her crying and looking at the stars but this time you are not in her womb anymore, you were somewhere far... those nights i look at her, i also pray to god that you are taken care of, that you are happy, that you are not crying...all i can do is hope, pray and wish that one day youd be back in her arms ...back in our arms again...

back @ la nana - alone again

so im back at la nana...alone again, naturally...i always go there when i needed a taste of home cooking...i go there too for the fun of overhearing familiar i have another reason to go there--- the TV hahaha. when i wanted to have series of moments with the idiot box (which is sadly very seldom), i go there. save from the TV and the new goto cart near the entrance, the resto hasnt change much. still the homey-freewifi-spot no-nonsense resto along espana, few walks away from my cell.
that evening, i had a variety of viands to choose from--- pork adobo, beef and mushrooms, caldereta, and some i-dont-know-how-they-are-called dishes. but since, im not a fan of pork and beef- i got me plain rice and chicken soup and  fried fish dipped in soysauce-vinegar mix...had my free glass of iced tea too. i was alone...but...i didnt feel that way...coz...somehow...i felt at home.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

kaeskwela hurray!!!

i have decided to join KaEskwela after my dissertation proposal defense in august. i needed some fresh air after the event so i went to visit my dear friend kate in makati. we had brunch then. she didn't know i just came from a big academic event of my life that time and i'm glad because what we talked about is a better breather :)

KaEskwela is katie's lovegroup and i immediately realized why it is so. kaeskwela (in filipino) means "schoolmate". and you know how schoolmates and classmates are- no matter where they go or what happened to them years after, they always feel they belong (to the school, to each other) and that's the spirit we're banking on... Kaeskwela ( is a group of volunteers who help public schools in the Philippines. being a volunteer (and a teacher too), i share the belief that education is a foundation for building better lives and nations.

school kids must at least have or enjoy their journey towards that...this is the call of the group (might as well be a challenge to all): Think of the many ways you can help beyond just giving money: understand what a school needs, coordinate donations to respond to these needs, hold training sessions for teachers, assist in fund-raising events, help feed undernourished children -- you may have ideas, too, that could help your local school. soon, one school at a time, we can make dreams come true!

one dream shared by members since last year was to build a library for Lara Integrated School in San Fernando, Pampanga. the parents of the students have volunteered their labor to help build the library. the teachers have committed to help organize and run it. KaEskwela, have found book donors for the library---all's that missing is this ceratin sum of money to buy the building materials. one of the few plans to earn such is the rummage sale...we had it in katipunan (unit 313 near teriyaki boy) on september 24th and 25th. preparations and pricing is not easy but when you think of the possibility of earning for a cause, nothing's difficult :) we got us more that 11000 php in 2 days...that's a woot! (far from what we need though but still enough to keep our spirits high)... part2 of the rummage sale will be november 12th and 13th, anything you can do to help (donate goods for the sale, buy goods during the sale, volunteer your time, share to others what our activity is about), please do. together let's help make dreams come true.

Monday, October 11, 2010

3 economists bagged 2010 nobel

in 2009, the prize for economic sciences was awarded to two american economists: Professor Elinor Ostrom (Indiana University), the first woman to receive the prize; and Oliver Williamson, (retired professor from the University of California). this year, three economists will share the 2010 Nobel Prize for their work on how government policy affects unemployment

the nobel goes to Peter Diamond of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge; Dale Mortensen of Northwestern University in Evanston.; and Christopher Pissarides of the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. this is for their research on how economic policy affects the job market. their theories offered help in understanding the ways in which unemployment, job vacancies, and wages are affected by regulation and economic policy as the research focused on so-called "frictions," or impediments to trade, such as misinformation, cost of transportation or the disparity between companies' and employees' needs.

see full story here

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 run for pasig - success!

hundreds of thousands of runners, celebrities,  contingents from schools, religious groups, the police and military, government agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), business sector, and private institutions and fun-run-loving families joined hands (feet?) in “10.10.10 A Run for the Pasig River.” the event (organized by the Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig ) is touted as the largest footrace in the country (the run’s 3 starting points in SM Mall of Asia (MOA)--for 3k, CCP Complex--for 5k, and Ayala Avenue in Makati--for 10k). chief executive officer of ABS CBN Eugenio Lopez III showed his usual deep commitment to the Pasig River cause by joining the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) in the ceremonial 21k run (which kicked off from Marikina City). the fun run aimed to create awareness and raise funds for the massive Pasig River clean-up campaign. it eyed (too) the Guinness World Record for most participants in a footrace. the record of most runners has been held by San Francisco’s 1988 “Bay to Breakers” race til now...yes yes yes!!! it did (break the record)!!! with a more than 150,000 registered participants (more or less the same number for 'starters')--- 116, 086 made it to the 'finish'!

sharing the same hope and knowing that we can contribute in our own little ways, I and some old and new friends have decided to volunteer (answering friend benjo sandoval's call) to help steer the event as it starts. armed with enthusiasm, willingness to sacrifice hours of sleep et.cet, we were assigned to the information booth (we were so excited we arrived so early- at half-past midnight) and did the best we could given the eleventh hour orientation. concerns and worries from participants cropped up but we were able to somehow pull it through. my warmest thank you to paul (of abs cbn foundation) and my workmates marlyn and ian (from padilla cogeo), teng (from tandang sora), fritzie (from caloocan), connie (from balicbalic), irene (from paco), ernan (from bulacan) and emgy (from fairview) for the tiring yet worthwhile series of moments then.

here's the official story -->

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the battle continues

i have yet to find the bestest way to ward of mosquitoes. my 9-year old son has had a bad case of dengue fever about a year ago and there's no stopping me from wanting to get rid of them (those mosquitoes) for good, not only for me but for my family and friends as well.

here's what i did (and have been doing) so far:

1. i learned that mosquitoes are attracted to certain body smells. i learned  that eating more veggies than meat makes one less smelly hence, i am at an advantage since i don't eat meat that much. i drink lotsa water too. i have reason to believe this game plan works.

2. i have tried lotions too. i send my boys (the father and the son) sachets of off lotion or nosquito or whatever is available to protect their skin from becoming targets. i heard that the DEET in those does not repel mosquito, it sorts of  block the receptors of the mosquitoes, whatever will do. for me, i use Skin So Soft of Avon (i am not an avon lady, i just speak from experience) the scent (the odor) is so replusive (teeheehee), it drives those bugs away!

3. and lastly (oh, i think this would not be the last and least), i bring along a bottle sprayer with listerine on it [just because it's my other (stingy) brand aside from betadine]. it started out as an experiment (coz i dont like chemical anti-bug spray) and i was surprised it works. i just sprayed 'it' in my working area and mosquitoes bug me no more. hmmmm

which of the 3 really worked? beats me! maybe all!