Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the battle continues

i have yet to find the bestest way to ward of mosquitoes. my 9-year old son has had a bad case of dengue fever about a year ago and there's no stopping me from wanting to get rid of them (those mosquitoes) for good, not only for me but for my family and friends as well.

here's what i did (and have been doing) so far:

1. i learned that mosquitoes are attracted to certain body smells. i learned  that eating more veggies than meat makes one less smelly hence, i am at an advantage since i don't eat meat that much. i drink lotsa water too. i have reason to believe this game plan works.

2. i have tried lotions too. i send my boys (the father and the son) sachets of off lotion or nosquito or whatever is available to protect their skin from becoming targets. i heard that the DEET in those does not repel mosquito, it sorts of  block the receptors of the mosquitoes, whatever will do. for me, i use Skin So Soft of Avon (i am not an avon lady, i just speak from experience) the scent (the odor) is so replusive (teeheehee), it drives those bugs away!

3. and lastly (oh, i think this would not be the last and least), i bring along a bottle sprayer with listerine on it [just because it's my other (stingy) brand aside from betadine]. it started out as an experiment (coz i dont like chemical anti-bug spray) and i was surprised it works. i just sprayed 'it' in my working area and mosquitoes bug me no more. hmmmm

which of the 3 really worked? beats me! maybe all!

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