Thursday, October 14, 2010

back @ la nana - alone again

so im back at la nana...alone again, naturally...i always go there when i needed a taste of home cooking...i go there too for the fun of overhearing familiar i have another reason to go there--- the TV hahaha. when i wanted to have series of moments with the idiot box (which is sadly very seldom), i go there. save from the TV and the new goto cart near the entrance, the resto hasnt change much. still the homey-freewifi-spot no-nonsense resto along espana, few walks away from my cell.
that evening, i had a variety of viands to choose from--- pork adobo, beef and mushrooms, caldereta, and some i-dont-know-how-they-are-called dishes. but since, im not a fan of pork and beef- i got me plain rice and chicken soup and  fried fish dipped in soysauce-vinegar mix...had my free glass of iced tea too. i was alone...but...i didnt feel that way...coz...somehow...i felt at home.

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