Sunday, September 18, 2011

kokak: my #2, #4 and #5 GESM page favorites [a repost from july 18, 2010]

it's not everyday that i get to think and re-think about my favorite blog entries in my one of my favorite blogsites. as i confessed months ago, i'm an avid reader of the candid-candy-slot-machine-type of page orman manansala has. not only because he's from gensan too but also because it fills my wishing-to-be-that-brutally-frank-not-minding-it's-published urges. last week, i came up with my top5 favorites, in time for his contest about such...but i was kinda having second-thoughts of joining, hence, it's 'piled' as draft. i figured i could just rewrite it (with no contest in mind) anytime soon.

rewriting (for the nth time) i'm now ready to tell him and the world [all of my lucky-19 registered blog-readers, my thousands (evilsmirk) of page viewers, hundreds of fans and who-knows-how-many friends (whew!)] my favorites (my 3 of the many).

i so love the simplicity of this entry, reminds me a lot of how i feel everytime i think of that old street in my mother's hometown (somewhere in leyte). it's the knowing that once in your life, you have been a child of that street and the memories of the street in your mind keeps on haunting you everytime you see changes through the years. it seems like you can still feel the dust in your feet, can still feel that old familiar breeze and hear the once-loud chimes of a dear old church...

#4 MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE @ . this is an entry with a negative material (figuratively). even as i am in manila, i felt the pain that my friends and people of the whole of soccsksargen  and the world felt hearing/reading this tragic news. my plurk timeline was filled then with expressions of sympathies and anger and pain... i kept myself abreast with everything about the incident and prayed prayed prayed. this page, is not one of my favorites because it was an instrument of shock but because it reminded me how life is fleeting and how it can be cruel at one time.

#5 LESSON IN HUMILITY @ as with my #1 and #3 (please don't ask me about this- *giving an evil-grin*), this page showed the human side of orman, and i love it so much when i read a page that's unafraid and ever-willing to let go of human emotions (what are blogs for?), one to share the deepest pains (joys too) and one with lessons to teach. one to remind me that i may not live long enough to make all the mistakes in the world (if lessons are to be learned from my mistakes alone).

so there. that's that. and that's why.

P.S.---thank you orman. keep writing. keep sharing. keep living (you know- say it the way pacman does). [ooops, pictures we're stolen from the webpage --- hope you don't mind. (cozy) thanks!]


sheng said...

I love this post, haha, Silway, my favorite daanan silway, i remember seeing large ships there, and it gives me the goosbumps. For one reason: lovelife.

orman said...

panalo ka pa rin!!! thanks for sending your entry!