Tuesday, September 20, 2011

buried alive

i saw them
they didn't notice me
my pleading eyes
or they didn't want to
...even to touch me

i heard them
they didn't hear me
my silent cry
or they didn't want to
...even to touch me

no eyes, no sound eyes
no ears, no sound ears
but i saw them
but i heard them

my friends - the others
they're once used and abused
wrecked, wrecked, wrecked
i saw and heard and felt

they're gone, gone now
like a sinking ship
abandoned by the crew
gone, gone, gone

but i - am here
silent and pleading
waiting for someone
to look at, to see me
...even to touch me

touch and open and read my mind
touch and open and know my soul
touch and open and see the world
you'll get to understand them

only if you notice - my pleading eyes
only if you hear - my silent cry
only if you open - my dusted door
only if you want me
...even to touch me.

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