Friday, September 2, 2011

SOYAMI - so yummy! @ Active Fun

As my boyman Wowa enjoys the so-yummy Soyami, I can't help but feel good thinking that I am serving him not just a snack he enjoys but also a snack that I know is also healthy... It is made from real soya (protein! calcium! fiber!) and I so love it too!

This afternoon, Active Fun at SM North hosted yet another fun-filled event for kids while mommies were learning from a Nutritious and Delicious Soyami Cooking Show. Nadine Tengco, a US Certified Nutritionist and Pinoy Biggest Loser Fitness Partner taught moms some tips and tricks in preparing healthy 'baon' and also shared  healthy recipes using Soyami products. Fun and informative!

With moms and active kids like I and Wowa, it is a must that we take into consideration health and 'fun-learning' above all. That would be one of the secrets to better living.  May all mommies and their kiddos have more of the likes of Soyami and Active Fun!

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