Monday, January 29, 2018

suddenly, i thought about respect and promotion :)

What is “respect”? What is “promotion’?... Affirmation fulfills the humanity of individuals and to affirm another means to respect and promote his subjectivity and individuality (his potentiality) and social capacities. "Respect and promotion may also involve active involvement in the prevention or demolition of conditions that prevent or hamper the unfolding of human capacities which are essential to the fullness of human development. "

Respect recognizes the existence of human qualities and capacities. This is something that the market economy can not just offer for a price. It comes as individuals relate with other individuals, as he strives to understand his being a human person, and as he tries to create a world with, and within the world of others.

Man’s needs in the beginning used to be so simple – flood, clothes and a shelter just enough to protect him from heat and cold. As time passed however, these needs have grown and have extended to items tagged as wants. Men began looking at other things. He also then began realizing that there is more to the basic economic needs. Whatever needs and wants men might have, whatever it may cost, one can not deny that without the feeling of being human in its fullest sense, the individual is only ‘potentially human’. The need to for affirmation of his humanity by others will fully actualize his humanity despite the scarcity of resources, goods and services that he is facing.

A child learns to appreciate affirmation from his parents and from the individuals that surround him every day of his life. He learns to acknowledge his being by hearing what others think or say of him, and whatever makes others think or say positive, he does over and over. This is a manifestation of man’s need for affirmation at an early age. This need continues to be there as he grows old. The feeling of affirmation coupled with provisions of basic necessities will somehow provide the child the main ingredient to full life. A life that teaches him to affirm others of their existence, and, humanity too.

Respect as felt, (and not to overemphasize- earned) includes respect for intelligence. It also implies that intelligence must be developed to the fullest. Promotion is the commitment to create conditions for development and growth so potentials (including one of intelligence) are realized ---a movement from potentiality to actuality. Respect and promotion are essential demands of man from childhood to adulthood. Circumstances that may hamper both must be prevented or demolished.

It is human nature to be affirmed and accepted as human persons and anyone refused of such is de-humanized. (hmmm...thoughts...)

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