Monday, May 12, 2008

i hate it when it happens

i always have been a believer of 'what you do not know - won't hurt you' and 'what you do not think - won't be' and 'what you do not allow yourself to feel - won't come'...but at this moment, this is way too much to handle (i'm giving this an hour or two of grrr-grrr-indulgence)...

when you invite people to atend a seminar, you have to make sure that it's worth attending; when you tell people that it's worth attending, you have to be sure indeed it is; when you make people pay for a seminar, you have to make sure that the money they spent is worth it, or better yet, that the seminar is worth more than the money they spent; when you say something, promise something, you have to be sure that you mean every word of it.

but booooooo-hooooooo!!! it's frustrating! it's disappointing! it's irritating! when you are supposed to be spending your sunday afternoon with your family, with the money that you spent for snacks and fun rides (or 10 kilos of rice!) coz the seminar, the supposed seminar--- can easily be downloaded from the net, and the speaker, the supposed speaker i have been told have just read the material from the presentation. arrrggghhhh!!! now i am partly to blame for some friends' wasted time.

oh i hate this post, this is almost nonsensical! but i am entitled to be this way once in a while ...i'd be getting over this feeling soon...wahahahahahahaha--- funny what a dream will make you when you wake up....ssssshhhhh!!! this is just a dream...i hope.

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