Saturday, November 8, 2008

bf ever:a-work-in-progress

we all hear of best buddies and best friends, but oftentimes it is about two men or two women who lived their life in each other's company, through good times and bad, preserving their friendship...ours is a different story: we're bestfriends of opposite sex but we clicked (in my opinion) way better than same-sex buddies. it is still a work-in-progress after 18 long years, but it is beginning to become a masterpiece.

kristoffer (whom i fondly call 'tay', who loved-with d to call me baby) is my bestfriend ever. we started knowing each other in our sophomore year and have loved each others' company since then. we share stories, laughters, concerns and silliness sometimes all in one sitting. but it was not fun all throughout. there were quarrels too, small petty ones to big ones (graduation day feeling glum coz he won't even look at me in anger- for reasons i can't even remember now).

(this space is reserved for the years in my time in a bottle, his words and memories such as...if you really love him, i'd help you guard your heart for're supposed to say it can't be coz im your 'tay'...we were just together yesterday but i miss you already...)

he is working on the other side of the world now, sometimes i feel that he is just around and i feel glad, but sometimes i feel reality biting --- my bf ever is ever-so-far that i can't even remember the feel of the touch of his hand...good thing there's the phone and the email and the messenger to keep in touch with him. he is still single (wink, wink) and enjoying his life, while i am a post graduate student, a mother and a wife to a man he approves of.

there are times i think of him, times that sometimes makes me smile and laugh but mostly making me cry (we love drama). we continue to support each other and love each other and care for each other despite the distance and circumstance. i am blessed with his friendship, and with him, i realized "there is no such thing as far away".

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