Friday, June 26, 2009

graduate school is a hospital

goodbye michael... michael jackson have fought with his demons recently and tried to live his life anew, but he was gone too soon...i guess, not too late...goodbye to a great artist, i grew up listening to him and digesting his lyrics. richard bach, in illusions, said: here is a test whether your mission on earth is finished: if you're still alive, it isn't...hmmm...perhaps.
i am seated here minutes now, and am about to write my thoughts about graduate school but it seemed to have flown away (the thoughts) after hearing several songs by MJ played in the net cafe (thriller, heal the world, happy). i lost my supposed topic...hahaha...well, as what i have started writing, graduate school is a hospital so i must have it in my mind that students like me are somewhat 'sick' and is in need of healing (more of un-learning)...i'm tired, and sick (of what i still have yet to specify) but one day(soon) i'd be healed.

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dom$ said...

i smiled at first reading "goodbye michael."