Friday, March 12, 2010

cousin sarah's mission

a month ago i got an email from my tita regarding her daughter's so called mission: she intends to collect funds for Leukemia Foundation of Australia and yes, hairs for the kids (with leukemia, and undergoing therapy). i thought it was great for sarah to think that way. after all, not all teeeners think about other people the way she does. we were proud of her (reminded us of my sister who died of leukemia @ 9) and even more proud when she pledged to have a shave for the cause. some of her friends did the same (so brave). now, her mission was semi-accomplished (coz the battle isn't over yet, right?)-- she raised some money for the foundation, and she now have a new hairdo ( i mean, no hairdo?). still pretty, with our without it.

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Tristan said...

I was amazed by her bravery!

Bihira lang ang mga ganyang klaseng babae.

She's one of a kind.

Good to know, she's your cousin, Sakura. :)