Wednesday, May 19, 2010

shrek havin midlife crisis???

the 4th installment in the shrek-franchise is a 'must-see'. while the movie is in-the-making, i was already cooking something on what the theme of the story will be (i, a self-confessed movie addict and yes- shrek fan). after almost a decade, one might ask, 'will this last installment attract audience for reasons apart from it being the last installment?' . that- i have found out yesterday... thanks to azrael, the prince-ever of manila bloggers (in the pic, he was with shrek on SM Imax).

4pm, 19th of may 2010, as eastwood mall unveils its 3d cinema, my much-awaited movie was screened specially for media (including bloggers) and VIPs. with shrek for photo-ops and a cocktail (both of which i was too sleepy to enjoy), i entered the room and stolen some minutes of sleep (read the alibi: i was mentally preparing for the show). crowds came in batches and with few messages (check out other blog entries for full coverage), we were asked to put our 3d glasses on and voila! shrek it is!

have you imagined puss lookin soft-and-fluffy like garfield? ... fiona acting like an amazona? ...donkey singing whitney's greatest love of all? enya's sail away on an seeming-imaginarium scene? ogre in an oliver twist material?...those and much much more suddenly came alive! right then i realized that it's not just shrek giving us laughs- it's shrek reminding us of our dear little problems of living such as the dreaded "midlife crisis". there is something very important that this animated movie is telling us: at times, you'd realize and only get to appreciate what you have  when it's gone.

i left the cinema with goodies (chocolates!),  fliers from sponsors and with a hazy vision of the philippine's first-sister kris aquino (winks) and her son james being interviewed. later in the evening, i overheard her saying (in a talk show) that she 'loved the movie so much'. don't take her word for it...even mine. shrek forever after will be shown worldwide and in philippine cinemas tomorrow (20th). see for yourself,  or better yet, see it with your spouse (or a special someone)- you'd know what i mean afterwards.

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We watched the movie because of this. Great!