Sunday, September 5, 2010

braving the rain for the bestest-ever pancit and fresh lumpia

i can't even remember when was it. but i have clear memory of the heavy rain pouring that sunday afternoon. after my usual sacred time (at my cell), sorting things both physically and spiritually, friend irene called- asking if i still am up to our plan of having authentic chinese 'merienda' at binondo (manila), the rain then is showing no signs of stopping. without further thinking, i said 'yes of course, give me 10 to 20 minutes and i'd be at the meeting place'. she was quite worried 'coz the place was somewhat unfamiliar to me, hence she decided to meet me at the church where i have less probability of getting lost, it's an old famous church in manila (name that church) anyways.

paying 50 php (a little more than a dollar), i asked the driver of a tricycle to bring me to that church. he didn't hesitate to bring me there passing by flooded streets (only on rainy days do they get to ask for higher fares. on normal weather, a ride from dapitan-where my cell is-would just cost 10 to 15 php). and so i arrived. irene was waiting and somewhat amused by my go-go attitude. we walked the streets of binondo and found her favorite restaurant (name that restaurant) after several blocks. we have umbrella (each) but well, streets are semi-flooded so we're practically wet. we were greeted by the restaurant staff and were served with bestest-ever pancit and fresh lumpia in town. beat that!

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