Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10 things about gout - my health concern these days

all i got was a reminder from the doctor that my uric acid level is beyond normal...and that i have to be careful/choosy with what i eat. i never thought id have something like that coz i am not a meat-eater, sadly, i wasnt spared. surfing the net, keywords i used (high level of uric acid) always lead me to articles about gout (scared me more). here's the latest i got- from http://arthritis.about.com/od/gout/a/10_gout_facts.htm ...the article says that gout is considered one of the most painful types of arthritis. along with pain, gout can cause swelling, redness, heat and stiffness in joints. there are other types of arthritis which can mimic gout symptoms, making it very important to get an accurate diagnosis so that proper treatment can begin.

1 - Gout is accurately diagnosed through the identification of characteristic crystals. (that's how i got my diagnosis - gave me the other side of the word 'crystal') 
2 - Blood uric acid levels can be misleading. (i hope teeheehee)
3 - Though the big toe is the most common joint affected by gout, ankles, heels, insteps, wrists, and knees can also be affected. (i can feel it often in my hands, between my palm and fingers and i know its not just my mind playing tricks on me)
4 - Uric acid results from the breakdown of purines. Purines are part of all human tissue and found in many foods. (thats what i learned lately, hence, i should moderate intake of purine-rich foods such as seafoods and animal internal organs- goodbye sisig!)
5 - There are certain triggers which can cause a gout attack. (alcohol is named one! chocolates, coffee and tea are still a-okay)

6 - For gout to be treated successfully, there are four goals of treatment.
•acute attacks must be stopped
•pain and inflammation must be relieved quickly
•future attacks must be prevented
•tophi, kidney stones, and renal disease must be prevented
7 - Treating an acute gout attack can involve resting the affected joint and taking prescribed medications. (that would be sad if attacks are on your hands and youre an online data-miner- oh so me)
8 - To prevent future attacks, diet and lifestyle changes, along with urate-lowering medications, can be helpful. (i have to loose some weight, obesity or weighing more than the ideal as in my case- leads to high uric acid levels)
9 - Prevalence statistics from the Arthritis Foundation indicate that 2.1 million Americans are affected by gout. (i wonder what are the stats for ph)
10 - Unless gout is properly managed it can affect the patient's life and work productivity. (waaah!)

im still learning and trying to know more about this. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

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claire said...

don't eat peanuts and beans as it increases uric acid... i have high uric acid for years also and still didn't pass the lab test kahit anong review este diet... iwas meat na rin and drink lots of water.
Moringga and lemon grass are good to decrease the uric acid, tamad lang ako that's why!