Wednesday, November 3, 2010

gensan in tecynch's eyes

the prettiest

the seat of local government

what's a hot beautiful afternoon in a cool rush rush gensan gala without the yummy hot spag and halohalo from ellamarie...the waitress told me they make garlic chicken yummier than chickenhauz...hmmmm

gaisano in its latest archi

KCC from the other side of the street

happy tuna all the way

ooops, ate cynch got the chance to be with Pekto one snacktime

and here we are...happy to see each other after many years...
soon, she'd visit gensan again. yey!


Lawstude said...

awesome reunion. na-miss ko naman gensan. :)

Kate said...

you're in Gen San na pala! Are you coming back to Manila? :)