Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wowa's christmas

they say christmas is for kids...oh well that would always be the case, coz unlike adults they wont be thinking of the gifts to give but thinking about what gifts theyd wowa is somewhat different coz he doesnt think much about the gifts hed get...he even begged me to buy gifts for his dozen friends in the neighborhood. i was worried he might be thinking of expensive gifts, but hey, he just wanted to give them play cards. i immediately went to the nearest thrift market in manila (divisoria) to buy those so when i go home for christmas, twud be ready for giving. my my he was so happy when he saw them, and he looked doubly happy giving those to this friends who seemed to be very happy getting them too. oh kids!

christmas day came...dear wowa was appreciative of the gifts he got too. here's what as far as i can remember:

GIFTS FOR HIS LONG-RUNNING BUSINESS PLAN (aka addition for his savings in the bank - ang pao) came from maam maricar, maam gudeh, lola salve, lolo daddy/lola mommy and tito jun...and wallet from his papa. as of now, he has more than a thousand (pesos) in the banks keeping, few hundreds in his wallet...and he plans of opening a small toy store next year. i so love his no-nonsense planning hence, all-out support! teeheehee.

GIFTS FOR HIS EVER-CURIOUS MIND came from tita irene (puzzle), tita dyali and ate luntian (coloring book and his usual supply of storybooks sometimes with authors/illustrators sig- bongga!), ninang anji (book- robindhood), tito edmar (book of stories), tita analyn and tito joven (puzzles- he loves puzzles, says theyre challenging),  tito kristoffer and tita sharon (project volcano straight from the US) and tita hanie (stamps). he loves each...and its really touching seeing the books by his bedside with a bookmark on the page where he stopped reading just like a grown man.

GIFTS FOR SCHOOL came from sir alvin (lunch container), ninang joyax (bottles of cologne), tita faith (sandal slippers) and kuya jikjik (hooded shirt). everything in-active use now!

GIFTS FOR THE EVER-PLAYFUL-ACTIVE HIM came from lola fely (a basketball), maam vicky (a soccer ball), tita jovelyn (phoenix beyblade set- blurting out 'i like that so much!), tito jz (assorted gummies - power munch) and me (pokemon cards in a big can- special request). he keeps on saying 'im glad i got this gift' everytime he sees/uses one.

this message comes with heartfelt thanks to them all for making wowas christmas fun and exciting. but most of all- thanks for being our 'help' as we guide him in his growing-up journey. happy new year!

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