Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mangrove Party - Wowa's Best Birthday!

Mangrove forests are coastal plant communities that are part of a larger coastal ecosystem. In the Philippines, moreso in Mindanao, mangroves are important part of the ecosystem. They are very important habitat for many species of fish and wildlife, primarily serving as nursery habitat. They also serve as coastal protection from  typhoons. Further, mangrove forests help remove pollutants. In spite of these known  ecological functions, mangroves have been dredged and filled for decades to provide other coastal uses, such as housing and ports among others. There's no better time than NOW to save and help create/widen these very important part of our ecosystem.

Realizing the importance of the mangroves and in celebration of the Environment Month, the SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers, with the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) of General Santos City, several NGOs,  students from several schools, and other concerned individuals, planted over 2,000 mangrove tree seedling and hardwood at Minanga, Buayan, General Santos City. The area is an estuary in the protected seascape of Sarangani Bay.

Being held the same date (25th) as my son Wowa's 9th birth anniversary, we decided to make the day memorable by forgoing a kid's party (he declared weeks ago that he found it impractical- two thumbs up!) and joining the event. He was so excited, he woke us up at half past 3am and urged us to get ready to 'celebrate mangrove's birthday'.
This tag was confirmed during the actrivity when a CENR Officer explained to him that the seedlings he's planting will be home for baby fishes soon and that he just helped giving birth to it. He braved the above knee-deep mud and he did it better than I. As he planted the seedlings, he kept on saying how happy he is and that he is so thankful that we thought of doing such.
He was doubly surprised seing a local TV news taking a footage of him and asking him the reason for joining. He proudly said he doesn't mind getting dirty and that if there'd be chances, he gladly do so even if it isn't his birthday. May we (our kids and countrymen) continue to save Mother Earth in ways like this and many others.

Thanks to Brian Congson, Avel Manansala and Mylene Tayco for the photos...For related stories, see links below.

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