Sunday, March 22, 2015

27 things I’d like to experience before I die

1. All bills fully paid. 
2. Sauna session each night for 3 straight weeks. 
3. Visit and experience Amsterdam. 
4. Visit and experience Italy. 
5. Visit and experience Indonesia (Bali) 
6. Speak in an international conference. 
7. Surprise-visit an old friend living in California. 
8. Do yoga poses without so much effort. 
9. See my son's kids. 
10. Photoshoot like a supermodel. 
11. Sing with my idols in a concert. 
12. Join a woodstock event. 
13. Watch 8 movies in a row, in just one day. 
14. Write another book ("that"). 
15. Have "that" book published worldwide. 
16. Have "that" book become a bestseller. 
17. Be an actress in an independent film. 
18. Attend as a special guest to an art exhibit. 
19. Fly. 
20. Win in a marathon. 
21. Sponsor a big party like a High School Reunion. 
22. Paint/ do artwotk like a graffiti artist. 
23. Be photographed dating a famous actor or politician. 
24. Eat "vegetable salad only" for one whole month. 
25. Have lots of money in my pocket. 
26. Go to Japan and sleep under a Sakura tree. 
27. Have a "living funeral". 

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