Tuesday, August 22, 2017

little brown man

Little brown man 
This is the song that I quoted in the dedication part
of my dissertation about labor migration...
I first heard this from Joey Ayala

and it has haunted me since then.
I have her sidekick/pretty friend/fellow musician
Tapati to thank for for  this lyrics and chords :)

Intro: D-C-Bm-C-D-Am-G-D-C-Bm-E-G-D-A


D             C                                 Bm       C
glad to know you’re feeling better
D                Am                                       G
happy to hear you’ve found your mind
D            C                                    Bm  E
it’s no joke to be living in america
                     G                              D  A
she ain’t friendly to our kind


D                       C                                Bm     C
you’ll always be a second-class citizen
D                   Am                      G
even if you pay your taxes right on time
D                              C                           Bm     E
you struggled so hard to get that green card
working under the table
               Em                                      A   D
calling home when you’re able to


G                      C                                       A        D
little brown man in the land of the giants
G                      C                                         A      D
little brown woman on the white prairie
G                            D                                        C    
hold on to your dollars don’t go on no shopping spree
                     G              Em                 A  
you got to save it all for the family

everything’s disposable in the first world
nothing’s indispensable - you can throw it all away
good food in the garbage good people in the welfare line
it happens all the time


peaches and apples and grapes don’t make it all that easy
bacon and eggs everyday can get to be a drag
these fancy slums get cold when the winter comes
chills you right to the bone
and you wish you were home

Refrain x 2

D               G   /F#      Em    /D  C A      
you got to save your soul
for the family

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