Wednesday, June 3, 2015

papa bear/ doc alvin/ sir ang... the best boss :)

He was my boss for three years.
I worked as his Research Assistant.
He always include everyone in his plans,
ask for suggestions and 
lay-out what he wanted to accomplish.
Then he assigns people and ask them
if they are confident that they can do the task.
He talks in a friendly manner 
and he kept reminding everyone
that he expects only the "best effort" .
It was a non-threatening "best effort" I hear.
It even makes everyone excited to do the task.
Each and every day, we update him 
and he gives automatic feedback,
even during lunchtime or while walking.
All was a breeze.
And most of all, we pray together.
I am not very religious person 
but each time we pray,
I can feel his sincerity 
that it also brings me peace.
He was not perfect 
but everybody liked him.
He's the best boss... ever :)

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