Tuesday, July 21, 2015

dreams... personal vision

I am on an almost burned-out phase of my career now,
hence I am doing my best to fight this off
so I can continue with my mission
in serving the students of my country.
They, among others,
need a lot of help from academic people just like me.

Most people keep complaining 
about how poor Philippines is, 
how corrupt government officials are 
or how bad the environment (physical) is nowadays. 

But do I join them in complaining? 
Yes, I do, at times. 

I intend to stop however.

Years from now, 
I am seeing myself as the teacher I was 17 years ago-
cheerful, enthusiastic, open-minded
and always open to challenges.
My son would be in college by then,
and probably would want to have less to do with me.
By then, I can use my extra time in doing research
and giving short learning sessions to those who needed them.

I see my flower/vegetable garden to be looking better 
and more productive (in terms of harvest), 
and myself as 10 to 15 kilos lighter. 
I'd be busy sharing ideas with people of varied specialization 
when I am not in my yoga class. 

Most of all, I'd be able to resurrect my community paper
(Alitaptap) to help the stay-at-home moms
and nannies deal with their usual concerns.
Oh dreams... but hey, dreams do come true :)

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