Saturday, August 16, 2008

re-entry 051407

for many years i was afraid of you,
whenever i see you, i feel mad
but i couldn't do anything about it,
i just run and hide...sometimes i shout, no shriek!!!
but to no avail, you continue to terrorize me,
like those girls in high school who just don't know they're acting like bullies
by just being together...

i'm 30+ years now and i decided not to be afraid of you anymore,
gone are those days of running and hiding and feeling mad and bad
whenever i see you. this time, i decided to get even... trust me,
when i see you, i won't run and hide nor shriek! i'd get something,
anything to trap you and squash you until you die.
yes! i want you dead! all of you!

and even if it seems that you're dead,
i will pour on poison to your entire body so that i can be sure of your death.

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