Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my playful good god always provides

growing up in a complicated bad-good-better-worse-worst-good-better-best-good-bad-and-on-and-on world somehow made me a well-adjusted individual. i can blend and/or stand out depending on my need and 'trip' for the constant thing however during the 'down and lacking' episodes is the fact that i never fail to talk to my good-old-playful friend 'upstairs', and what's more is that he-provides! oh, he really does, at all times! once, i had nothing to eat for the week, i just tried laughing it out and voila! someone from abroad just handed me canned goods, rice and noodles (jokingly just enough for a week). that incident and others more makes me laugh sometimes but it also makes me trust Him more than ever. Lately, i had this fund-mishap, making me poor by 850, 1200 and 1000 (all philippine peso) in just 2 days. I brushed it off as one of those 'grrr-moments' but on the 3rd day, the personnel officer gave me a plaque, supposed to be a 'service award'--- i was thankful...and...hahaha, it was coupled with 3000 (php). do the math, my ever-playful god owes me 50! :)

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