Monday, February 23, 2009

jumbled-5 papers on the loose

so many thoughts in so little time, how will i manage? i have come across this article of fools in aquinas' analysis. i have thought it's a good read 'coz its not that common. imagine a discussion about fools and remedy for fooolishness (if any), i might end up remedying my own foolish-me :) then there's this paper that is due in a couple of weeks. i chose soul. why? well, why not? it's one of the biggest mysteries of humanity. on international economics, there's this debate paper on whether it is sensible to join economic (trade and/or financial) cooperation. my side is on the negative. my concentration is on globalization. the world is getting smaller. how will i prove otherwise? i'd also look into indonesia and it's labor policies. have i started going through it, to the moon and back yes! that? no! add up our problem sets and discussions on quantitative techniques...oh why oh why have i chosen this rugged thorny path when there's a simple life on the side. well, if i must sacrifice boredom - it's not an easy sacrifice.

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