Tuesday, March 10, 2009

fools i saw in the scriptures (hala!)

Maybe this will answer the question: WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I???

The Simple Fool (opens his mind to any passing thought and opens his arms to any passing stranger, lacks discernment, has an over-simplified view of life and fails to recognize the cause-and-effect sequences that affect every area of life) .

The Silly Fool (the mouth of a silly fool often gets him in trouble, when things go wrong for a silly fool, he becomes angry, resulting in more damage, believes that his own way of thinking is right).

The Sensual Fool (one who rejects the correction of parents or other authorities, a person who seems determined to make wrong choices. He does not have a mental deficiency, but rather rejects the wisdom of God, he focus is on that which brings him immediate pleasure).

The Scorning Fool (facial expressions communicate the disdain and contempt he has in his heart toward his authorities, including parents, civil authorities, and God, the type of fool not only has rejected truth; he also has embraced that which is abominable to God).

The Steadfast Fool (most dangerous type, self-confident and close-minded, his goal to draw as many others as possible into his evil ways and attempts to reprove him will be futile and bring frustration to the one who tries to influence him).

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