Friday, March 27, 2009

in search of alfie girl

i recently celebrated my 32nd birth anniversary (march 22nd). even though i was away from home i tried to have a "happy" birthday. march 21st, i went with friends at bistro 70s (anonas, quezon city) and listen to RJ and noel c sing their version of songs of U2 and the police. there til 2am over tomato pizza, veggie chicharon, sisig sibintis and well, oh, beer... then music 21 til about 5am-whew!...unforgettable eh??? well, yes... but not as unforgettable as the day after.

23rd, i was excited to go home for a short school break. doing the 1st batch of my laundry, i got a call...and text messages...and all...made me so weak and confused. a father is looking for her daughter alfie girl (supposed to be me?) and is about to die of colon cancer and wanting to seek forgiveness for having abandoned me? ayayay! the maudlin, the hysterical, the insane in me was driven crazy!!! why? why me? why now?the recent happening brought too many questions, i resist to seek for the answers.why? i don't know...yet. :(

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