Tuesday, July 21, 2009

afraid of being afraid?

he is just a man and he keeps on saying it. he is just a man and he can be a subject to many-a-things a man could...struggle upon... says felbert (an old buddy). felbert may just be a name but the man behind that name is more than just a man. he even is sometimes everything but just a man. he is more than just a man 'coz he knew that he is just a man. what is just a man? why is simply accepting you are makes you aren't...is this some kind of a philosophical joke? oh i'm afraid i could not linger on this matter. i am afraid i have known much that i'm afraid i might be afraid to go the wrong way. yes. perhaps. i'm just afraid.

tell me in your simplest language, who is to say that a man shouldn't be afraid? a man could be afraid - he should be afraid sometimes. this world could sometimes be so strange. this world could sometimes be so big...so big...and...so strange...that it is almost so understandable if one couldn't help but be afraid. talking matter of factly, anything in this world: from friendship to religion, from money to love...could send shivers to one's bones...as if it would take a miracle to remove the plug. oh miracles happen everyday. i'm just afraid people want more...and more...and more.

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