Thursday, July 30, 2009

you are a kite – fly high

made by mama’s skillful hands, you are formed beautifully. colored with love in each strand – inspired to fly, fly so free… fly high kite, fly and fly, to the heights, to the heavens. fly high kite, to the sky, discover your dreams – see new edens…go steady kite, in facing currents, balance, remember, is a friend. swing and dance even in torrents, to one side, to the other – to the end…

then as you fly, you see, you feel, the past, the now, the future. find some strength but be still. you are the one- be one with nature… and if your wings would ever wear, slowly come back, for a rest. ‘coz no wind can ever give you a tear. with dignity and pride – you passed the test!

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