Monday, August 17, 2009

my 'persian' night a month ago or so

---when i woke up this morning i remembered zahra, a classmate and a friend. she's been going through a lot these days, taking charge of their family's restaurants, taking care of her beautiful baby boy, helping her cousin who just gave birth and juggling all those with our tons of paper requirements in the post-grad studies...sometimes, i have the urge to go to her and ... help her in any way i can...
---remembering her also reminded me of my last visit at their restaurant one rainy night. i was just off from my other class when i got an sms from her- "when will you visit the restaurant?". i figured out it's been so long since i last told her that i will so i rushed my way to there...after some funny mishaps of the directions and all, i arrived few minutes before her, the place was almost heaven. far from the busy noise of the city but it's just in its heart (zaitoon is in leveriza-menlo sts). i saw charming smoke pipes! (the ambiance is real great especially for circle of friends who wants good food over good chit-chats). she arrived with her husband and the cutest baby boy.
---we chatted and tried to catch up with our lives (as if we haven't been texting every now and then). it felt good to see her so happy finally having her dream child in her embrace. she ordered what she long ago promised me - carrot shake with icecream on top! can you blame me for having my dessert first??? :) then i had soltani, best non-pork i ever tasted playing hide and seek with the spicy-tasty rice and red tomato halves. i was full in no time. whew!
---then the rain started pouring real hard on our every conversation, with the baby almost as if listening intently to our babbles. the slow pouring of rain at one point reminded me that i need to go back to my dormitory or else i'd swim my way there (happens all the time)...

i'd never forget the hearty meal-soltani...i'd never forget the yummy dessert-carrot shake...i'd never forget zaitoon...i'd never forget my friend (and her beautiful family)...i'd never forget that night.

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