Friday, March 12, 2010

another tiring-yet-fun class-work

sunday, march 7th, we went to candaba pampanga. my professor, my classmates and I were excited to see what's in store. it was a fieldwork cum culinary tour in the making :). the journey from manila to the site was great, seeing both rural and urban setting of the north side of the country. pampanga is not only famous for the bird sanctuary but also for the culinary expertise of the local folks. we wasted not a moment of that one-day event. birds were fun to look at, so is the lake full of beautiful lotus flowers and lilies. snack was wow(bibingka, espasol, chicharon, buko drink). tilapia-fishing and duck-watching is an old-yet-ever-new-experience. we were (I am) noisy as we rode the carabao cart at high noon, for 33 minutes. lunch- awesome (chicken souped in green mangoes, steamed veggies, grilled fish and lotsa fruits). we learned a lot from our talks with the folks in the area: their living a simple life, their agricultural concerns, their trying to help each other via cooperative and their hopes of preserving their way of life but coping with the growth of the economy. we went on our way back to manila but we had a freak-accident in baliuag area (that would be another story) so we stayed for a bit in one of my classmate's brother's house (very nice house). they were hospitable (served us icecream-yummy!). one stop-over in the best hotel-resort there is on bulacan (8waves) then to bed, exhausted yet smiling of the memories of our (mis)adventures.

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