Thursday, October 21, 2010

love can seriously damage your health

yes, this is a movie. and i have seeen this movie for free. at instituto cervantes just 15-minute ride away from my cell. with my usual movie-fest buddy ate irene, we shared laughs...true, oh so true. there are times when love... can... seriously... damage... your... health.

here's the synopsis [thank you wikipedia]...Paris. King Juan Carlos I offers a diner at Hôtel Crillon. Diana (Ana Belén) meets Santi (Juanjo Puigcorbé) , an old lover, who now is the King's bodyguard.

They remember how they met each other, 30 years ago, in another hotel, inMadrid. Diana (Penélope Cruz) and Santi (Gabino Diego) met when The Beatles were going to play. He works in the hotel. She hides under John Lennon's bed because she's in love with the singer. But, what starts is an attraction between them. It is an impossible love because she wants to be rich and famous, and he is poor and has to join the Army. When they meet again as grown-ups, Diana has become a socialite, and Santi is a pilot. Both are married, but the love goes on... 


Lawstude said...

15 minute ride from your cell? saan ka nakakulong? hehe

mukhang ok yung movie plus penelope is such a sight to behold :)

Elevic Pernis | The Road to Weirdom said...

This may be an interesting film, but it got me thinking. Is love really dangerous to your health? Sabi kasi sa ilang research, love and its manifestations are biological and physical reactions. So I dunno if it really damages your health, especially if it's involuntary.

sakura said...

@ lawstude - espana. penelope is woot!
@ elevic - LOL beats me. all i know is that 'love assumption' made me sick, really really sick once.