Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5 obvious sssh-sssh i won't blog about

1. (to practically everyone) ...
your favorite 'kwek kwek' vendor
uses the same washwater
(after the shell is removed from boiled quail egg)
from sun-up to sun-down. he/she also didn't wash his/her hand
after answering nature's call. harroojosko.
(so much for being so-oh-observant).

2. (to self-proclaimed teacher's pet) ...
your highly esteemed
professor just shared your story
to his/ her colleagues over lunch and my my, they were amused!
(now you know the reason for those glances).

3. (to parents of a yuppie/ student) ...
your baby is converting
his/her flat/ dorm room/ boarding house to a motel.
his/ her lucky gf / bf doesn't only get free meals
(sometimes free laundry service) but free 'bed-service' as well.

4. (to ever-caring bf / gf) ...
your adored gf/ bf used up all
her/ his savings in trying to help your
(and you still wonder why the 'friend' isn't bugging you lately?).

5. (to you who spend scandalous time online) ...
your webclicks are monitored, saved and sold.
(but hey, what you don't know won't hurt you, right? hala!)

now you know why i won't blog about these obvious sssh-sssh. ciao!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Guilty! (#1).