Monday, July 12, 2010

musing vs mussing

i have been blog-hopping lately and was confused with the words 'musings' and 'mussings'...i thought they're almost the same so it's no big deal if one uses the one instead of the other. consulting the free dictionary (thank you internet) i sighed - dear me!!! they're amp, different!


Musing as a noun - a calm, lengthy, intent consideration, reflection, rumination, thoughtfulness, contemplation, attentive consideration and meditation; as in  "after much musing, i decided to join the reunion"
As an adjective - deeply or seriously thoughtful; as in "the weird picture of a musing little boy";

and then here's the other word...
Muss as a noun - a state of confusion and disorderliness; as in "he smoothed the mussiness of the tablecloth"

As a verb - make messy or untidy; as in "i so hate his mussing my hair all the time"

is that so???  okay, now i know.

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