Thursday, July 1, 2010

ok ka lang mama???

being a temporarily-miles-away mama, we have to content ourselves with calls and exchange of short messages (sms) using a mobile phone (cp) 2 years time, i noticed that as my wowa grew older, his smss have become way shorter as well...

lately,he has to bring the cp to school so he can contact his papa during break and dismissal time (to be fetched or to be assured that he would be fetched - he has become somewhat clingy these days).

here's a run-through of his cute - smss:

06/29/10 558pm   : thank you sa cellphone
06/29/10 830pm   : mama ok ka lang
06/29/10 852pm   : ok ka lang mama?
mama thank you talaga dito ha
06/29/10 903pm   : ma bakit hindi maka text
06/30/10 731am   : mama are you there
06/30/10 732am   : haha miss kita mama
06/30/10 815am   : mama ok ka lang
06/30/10 819am   : mama hug ko si lola
06/30/10 1159am : hello mama
06/30/10 1212pm : san ka banda mama
kay noynoy. panoorin ka namin. makita ka
07/01/10 542am  : ma nabigyan mo na ako load
07/01/10 955am  : ok ka lang jan mama
07/02/10 645am  : ok ka lang mama
07/02/10 738am  : mama ok ka lang jan

you noticed something too? hahaha.
ok nga lang ba ako? (am i really okay?)
as long as he will keep on wanting to know
if i am okay then i will be. :)


Anonymous said...

Made me cry.

john said...

Nice story teh! AHAHAHA..weeeeeee...
How Lucky joshua is and me to have a mother/sister like you. ow well.. take care always teh..

jZ to.xD

Pinaywriter said...

Naalala ko rant ng mom ko
"Kayong magkakapatid nakakaalala lang magtext pag kailangan ng pera." college kami nun.

Ahahah pero I promised to text her everyday na hindi naman lagi natutupad. And to think she has four kids.

Nasestress sha pag hindi kami nagrereply. ^_^ Moms are the same all around I guess.