Tuesday, July 27, 2010

what's with swimming

swimming has become wowa's  form of exercise. he started swimming as summer recreation course then he later shifted to advanced (more like competitive to me) course. reading about swimming, i found out that swimming (due to its low impact nature of the workout) is considered by many as a terrific exercise choice for not only healthy people, but also for those who face health challenges. wowa had recurring asthma attacks, since he started swimming regularly, we noticed that the frequency of attacks have went down a significant figure (2 in a month to 1 or even 0).

children like him enjoy the water (oh well, they were surrounded by water in our wombs for 9 months remember?). it provides gentle muscle training and  strengthens the heart and the lungs. and even if it is often an individual sport, kid swimmers can also join competitive swim teams (in gensan, they call the famous swim team -TORPEDO), making swimming a sport your kids can enjoy wether alone or as part of the team. and yes, not to overemphasize, wowa was somewhat overweight but since he found swimming to be a pleasure, he lost some of his baby fats without feeling weary and without compromising his diet.

but of course, parents should always be on guard and be aware of 'safety swimming' - give the kids proper coaching (lessons from a pro) to orient them on the swimming  gadgets (goggles, flippers, swim cap among others) and proper swimming techniques. parents too should be aware of the possible risks of swimming to kids like the possibility of an ear infection, (see related blogpost here-- http://sakura-withdrawalpangs.blogspot.com/2010/07/wishing-hed-say-goodbye-to-swimming.html ) which may be both painful and inconvenient to your swimming kid. this specific infection however may be treated with antibiotics and there are ways of preventing it such as the one given here --http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/childrens-health/CC00003 . so there you go. swimming may be one of the best options for kids' health and fitness there is, worked for my wowa.


cpsanti said...

ah, i miss the pool. i wish i could take my son, but he's still too little. it's really sweltering over here now. sigh.

sakura said...

hello there...how little is 'too little' --- he might enjoy some sweet time in the water with you (oh well, if the weather's okay na)... dropped by your page, so loved kate's character---she's so much like me (now, that doesn't count as sel-love right? winks)...thanks for droppin by.