Tuesday, July 6, 2010

wishing he'd say goodbye to swimming... (at least for now)

it seems like just yesterday when i was home for a vacation and is lazily accompanying my boyman wowa to his swimming training. there's this 7-foot pool for pros and reserved for members of the torpedo club (gensan) and advanced swimmers that we go to almost every day. it took wowa several months to advance (others said he advanced faster than usual) and by merely watching him, you can tell he is loving the sport. his papa even spent quite a lot (membership and coaching fee, swim wear, goggles, fins, kickboard among others) of hard-earned money to support this almost-daily routine.

when i went back to manila, i was informed by wowa's doctor (bless doc sheena for being ever-so-caring) that she just checked on wowa who has been complaining of pain in the ear and that she found out that wowa had a case of ear infection. i was worried 'coz she also said she gave him antibiotics (he had just finished his round of meds for severe cough). she explained i need not worry 'coz the stronger antibiotics will do the job. in three days at most, pain will be gone but the antibiotics will be taken for a week plus a strict instruction : no swimming yet.

that was a sad news for both the father and the son. they have been trying to fix their skeds to squeeze in the beloved routine, and my my my if you could see those kids swimming, you would really feel proud and envious of their skills. they're learning discipline, they're breathing well - less asthma attacks, they're meeting new friends and they're having fun! but i myself, knowing ear infections and a worrier, had it in me (to wish)for them to say goodbye to swimming for good. ouch! was i that cruel? i guess not.

the alternative? biking! the first bike he had was when he was about three years old, and when he had to have a couple of stitches on the forehead after a minor accident, i wished then that he'd stop biking... now i'm wishing he'd return to biking (he had been saving for it, only needs few more hundreds to buy a good bike) and stop swimming. i'm one confused mama!!!

now, he has a new bike (haven't seen it yet) - his papa filled in the lacking-hundreds and bought it as a birthday gift (he turned 8, whew!).  i heard he has been biking ... few minutes in the morning  and an hour or two at sundown. both he (wowa) and his papa (jovit) doesn't say anything about going back to swimming lately--- maybe they were too sad to bring it up or... (fingerscrossed) perhaps they're weighing it against biking. ahhm lemme help, (if recreational swimming won't do 'coz it's always exciting to dive and swim real fast- haay) ---with proper protective gears, biking is a good exercise...less expensive too! now there goes my vote for now. oh, if only he would not dare go too far..haaaayyy :)

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